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ADM 1100 – Multiple Choice = Midterm 2007 1) C 2) D 3) E 4) B 5) E 6) E 7) A 8) C 9) B 10) E 11) C 12) B 13) E 14) D 15) C 16) E 17) E 18) E 19) C 20) B 21) C 22) E 23) B 24) B 25) D 26) B 27) C 28) C 29) E 30) A 31) C 32) C 33) A 34) B 35) A 36) B 37) E 38) E 39) A 40) C 41) C 42) D 43) D 44) D 45) A PART II – Short Essay Questions (55 marks) 1. Identify and describe the four (4) types of commercial corporations in Canada. (8 marks) Private Corporations Shareholders are limited to fifty (50) Shareholders can not sell shares without the approval of the Board of Directors The general public is not permitted to buy shares from a Private Corporation Example: Costco Public Corporations This form of corporation CAN BE owned by more than fifty (50) shareholders Can issue shares on the financial markets Usually owned by hundreds or thousands of shareholders Crown Corporations A business that is owned and operated by the Government (either Federal or Provincial) Form of public ownership where the Government owns and operates a business on behalf of the general public Example: Canada Post Mixed Corporations Jointly owned by the Government and the general public Politicians do not participate in day-to-day decisions Most operate in the exploration and natural resource sectors Ex: Alberta Energy Company
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***1 mark for the identification of the type of corporation and 1 mark for the description*** 2. When working for an organization, there are many ethical issues that may arise. Within Enron Corporation, this was also the case. Some of these
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AnswerKeyMTFall2007ADM1100B - ADM 1100 Multiple Choice =...

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