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Psychology 152 – Class Notes – 9/9/09 In the pop culture Reflexes – apparently, a knee jerk reactions is a behavior * One type of learning, we can control * The other type of learning, we cannot control Pavlov learning – idea is that we cannot control it Other type of learning – you can control Type of pairing (Pavlov): Stimulus-stimulus pairing Neutral stimulus would be paired with the unconditioned stimulus Pairing – the method of how the scientist in the laboratory can put the two objects together Taco Bell sign appears in the environment. It was paired with a negative food experience. You have been pavlovian conditioned to become nauseous when you see the Taco Bell sign. The sign actually causes nauseous (bad) reaction Chemotherapy causes gastrointestinal distress Sometimes the environment in which they get their therapy can cause an adverse reaction Simple environmental presence can cause the same reaction as the unconditioned stimulus o Thus , the environment functions as the conditioned stimulus It was previously neutral with respect to the affected individual Pavlov noticed that the dog began to salivate even before the meat powder was presented to the dog. Lab assistant had on a lab coat o The lab coat got accidentally paired with the presentation of the meat powder o The lab coat took on some of the properties of the food Lab coat conditioned stimulus causes the conditioned response Pavlovian conditioning – bell experiment Classical conditioning Respondent conditioning o All the same kind of conditioning Pop culture this is called involuntary (reflex
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UR vs. CR * Unconditioned response is cuased by the unconditioned stimulus * The neutral stimulus will change its function into the conditioned stiulus * It will cause the conditioned response (it is generally the same as the unconditioned response, but it is generally weaker in intensity) Ivan Petrovich Pavlov won the Nobel prize in physiology for studying digestive properties Pavlov digestive processes in dogs DON’T HAVE TO KNOW DATES, but DO KNOW THE SEQUENCE IN WHICH THESE PEOPLE’S THEORIES WERE PUBLISHED ASK HIM FOR THE CHORNOLOGICAL SEQUENCE OF PRESENTATION OF THEORIES IN HISTORY. 4 th Famous individual - Edwin R. Guthrie Theory: Practical Behaviorism (A.K.Contiguous Conditioning) His theory was about contiguous conditioning He published his views in 1935 (some time following Thorndike) Guthrey came along in the 1930s Continguous in this context means together in time ONE MAJOR PRINCIPLE: Guthrie’s one major principle refers to NO MENTAL AGENT KNOW THIS!!!
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9-9-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes 9/9/09 In the pop...

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