9-14-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes - 9/14/09 All Exams...

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Psychology 152 – Class Notes - 9/14/09 All Exams will be on Wednesdays (not lab days) EXAM WEDNESDAY EXAM WILL CONTAIN EVERYTHING IN LECTURES THROUGH TODAY: Everything in lab manual Assignments in main textbook A lot of redundancies Textbook gives you examples to help you understand and apply the material Rat will press the lever based on PAST history, not anticipation of future events Everything in this class is quantifiable What is Skinner’s science called? * Operant conditioning What is the philosophy of his science called Radical behaviorism , where radical is meant to suggest root cause. For Skinner: Root causes of behavior are from both contemporary and historic The concept of the mind is hypothetical Main points: 1. Behavior is selected and maintained by its consequences a. Organism is behaving, because if it is not behaving it’s dead b. Everything is behavior 2. Not truth by agreement a. The data should be valid everywhere; highly empirical 3. It CAN consider events taking place within the skin (inside the body) a. The mind cannot be located precisely b. We talk about the mind in nonphysical terms i. Wishes, thoughts, desires, etc. c. There is stuff on the inside: what you see is what you get physical d. He says that thinking is NOT nonphysical i. Thinking is VERY PHYSICAL thinking is neurochemical activity 1. At the time he proposed this theory, the technology to observe neurochemical activity did not exist e. Three part contingency operates on the inside and the outside
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4. Internal events (inside the body) are NOT un observable (THEY ARE OBSERVABLE) ***VERY IMPORTANT *** 5. Internal events are not dismissed as subjective 6. What IS FELT is NOT some nonphysical world of consciousness or the mind. a.
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9-14-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes - 9/14/09 All Exams...

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