9-21-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes 9/21/09 Operant a...

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Psychology 152 – Class Notes – 9/21/09 Operant – a grouping of different responses they might all be topographically distinct The organism is going through 3-D space in different ways Throwing a pencil 3 different ways same result, but the actions were carried out in different ways Topography – how the organism moves through 3-D space The consequent event is what determines if the action is in the same operant or not o The behaviors that results in the same outcome same operant Skinner – don’t look at the rat inside the skinner box look at the cumulative record A response that meets the requirements of the The rat pressing the lever a million different ways different topographies, same operant The THREE-PART CONTINGENCY: Response is the behavior that you see o The Operant represents the class of which the response represents a single instance o The operant represents the grouping of possible behaviors o The response is the specific behavior that occurs FROM the class of behaviors that is known as the operant This is a dynamic event; it is NOT static o IMPORTANT : Each event here exist across multiple dimensions, which don’t necessarily have to be at the same place or time Events that are currently at the end of the range of behaviors (the operant) can shift to the middle ( a topographical change ) this can occur through differential reinforcement and punishment the You can shift the topography through differential reinforcement or
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9-21-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes 9/21/09 Operant a...

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