9-23-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes The discriminative...

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Psychology 152 - Class Notes - 9/23/09 The discriminative stimulus is NOT a signal * Differentially correlated with the availability of reinforcement or the differentially unavailability of reinforcement History --> accumulating history of differential reinforcement (or lack there of) Discriminative stimulus - needs a history for it to development S(delta) (a form of discriminative stimulus) correlated with the Unavailability of reinforcement The discriminative stimulus requires TIME it needs a history in order for it to function consistently History: Guy telling pickup lines to a female o He receives a stimulus in the form of facial expressions and other body language If reinforcement IS correlated with the stimulus, the stimulus is an SD discriminative stimulus If reinforcement is NOT correlated with the stimulus S(delta) Control can come in the form of probability f a response You can isolate a single factor in the environment this is what we will look at for now as a discriminative stimulus: However, the entire environment can be thought of as a complex of discriminative stimuli the results in a response Behavior will appear where reinforcement is available and not show up where reinforcement is NOT available Broad phylogenetic application – works for a wide variety of organisms Each species fits into an ecological niche NOT exactly the same as the other A human’s eating habits versus the eating habits of a snake VERY DIFFERENT o Deprivation for 24 hours – more effective in
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SD Discriminative stimulus complex in which REINFORCEMENT is differentially AVAILABLE SD can be either reinforced or punished Punishment implies that something HAPPENED
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9-23-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes The discriminative...

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