9-28-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes Stimulus class Example...

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Psychology 152 – Class Notes – 9/28/09 Stimulus class Example of stimulus class: * Females * Size * Shape * Texture A concept is where all dimensions of the operating variable change EXCEPT FOR ONE DIMENSION Example: show a child many things that are red. o All dimensions, including size, shape, texture change, but the color STAYS THE SAME teaches the child what the color “RED” is Concept training – You reinforce or punish a response in the presence of one stimulus class and extinguishing it or allowing it to recover in the presence of another stimulus class. This is a way to train o In terms of actually training (a rat) control exists across multiple dimensions, not just one (not just color, but control over all dimensions) Another example: A Graphic Equalizer o Visual Representation of the sound equalizer o Conceptual Stimulus control – controlled by many dimensions, not just one The just “right” sound is a function of all the dimensions of the sound (the stimulus) Bass Treble Front Back V Everyone will have a different idea of what is the “right” sound All the dimensions of the sound control what the “right” sound is The concept of sound cumulative effect of all the different dimensions of the sound. Now think of the concept of a person : what dimensions make up a person A rat or bird can be taught a concept Another example: o A bird can be taught to look for the picture of a person
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Concept Formation – Learning to respond the same way to a class of stimuli that form the concept while NOT responding to others outside that class. That is, generalization within the stimulus class, and discrimination outside of the stimulus class (this is a concept ). Concept of RED
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9-28-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes Stimulus class Example...

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