10-5-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes Motivation...

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Psychology 152 – Class Notes – 10/5/09 Motivation operation (MO establishing and abolishing behavior) (old term was Establishing Operation) Conditioned motivation operation (CMO) UEO Unconditioned Establishing Operation == Unconditioned Motivation Operation Water deprivation making water a momentary reinforcer Food deprivation making food a momentary reinforcer These require NO HISTORY for these things to work Seasonal changes, temperature changes, etc. will modify sexual contact as a reinforcer VERY IMPORTANT – Extinction induced (elicited) aggression – heavily genetically derived Important for survival Pain induced (elicited) aggression – First characterized by Roger Orick and Nathan Azarin – as a result of painful stimulation, biting becomes more reinforcing (and also Pavlovian elements). What it is: o Viewed as a Motivation Operation that produces reinforcing effects for biting Immediately happens: pressure on the teeth, and the sight of blood can function as a reinforcer Behavior can happen towards inanimate objects and towards other animals The subject is injured in some way This was important for survival Pain is experienced and aggression follows as a result Example: pidgeon attacking the other pidgeon o Depends on a contingency o They were reinforced to attack something o When shocked, the pidgeon turned around and Contingency – means a “schedule” something happens on a schedule
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CEO Conditioned Establishing Operation = Conditioned Motivation Operation Require a history to function The history will NOT be the same across individuals CEO = CMO – a specific history of conditioning is required for each of the three subtypes of
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10-5-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes Motivation...

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