10-21-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes Chain schedule can be...

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Psychology 152 – Class Notes – 10/21/09 Chain schedule – can be composed of two or more component schedules Link any simple chain together in a sequence These chains cannot be very long o The longer the chain, the weaker the secondary reinforcer will be. o The farther away you are in time from the primary reinforcer, the weaker that secondary reinforcer will be. Tandem Schedule (TAND.) – Using the same two component schedules, VR20 and FR10: OFFICIAL ABBREVIATION: TAND. VR20 F10 FORMAL DEFINITION : A single reinforcement is contingent on the successive completion of two or more schedules. There is NO programmed stimulus change between the completion of one schedule and the initiation of the next o This is exactly like a chain, except there is NO PROGRAMMED STIMULUS CHANGE. If there is no stimulus change, then what’s missing? o The secondary reinforcer is missing The components of the chain schedule are the same, but there is no secondary reinforcement. At the completion of the VR20, the FR10 schedule will take effect. BUT FOR THE RAT, there is no change in the discriminative stimulus everything is exactly the same as far as the rat can perceive the environment has NOT changed. PATTERN: NOT CLEAR AT ALL VERY IRRATIC There are two different response requirements There is no secondary reinforcement The pattern of responding is inconsistent Stimulus control is not under the control of a secondary reinforcer There is very bad stimulus control in a Tandem Schedule of reinforcement
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THIS IS A DIFFERENT SCHEDULE (from the previous 4 types) Conccurrent schedule of reinforcement Example: VI 2 minutes and VI 5 minutes (the two component schedules together make a complex schedule) VERY IMPORTANT
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10-21-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes Chain schedule can be...

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