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11-16-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes Recall from last time...

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Psychology 152 – Class Notes – 11/16/09 Recall from last time: Phylogenetic vs. Ontogenic Respondent conditioning: Also known as: o Classical conditioning o Pavlovian conditioning UCS – unconditioned stimulus This means that it functions as a stimulus without no prior history of conditioning UCR unconditioned response This is a response that occurs with no prior history of conditioning This means that any individual in a given species should show the same response, given that they have an intact central nervous system (which means everything is functioning normally for that specific species). There are Invariant responses – they don’t change from time to time, or from any given individual to individual within a species, or from generation to generation. HOWEVER, there is variation in the degree or extent of the response, but there is no real variation in the actual action itself – CHECK THIS Conditioned stimulus – this is an environmental event that can literally be almost anything and it DOES HAVE a prior history of conditioning. The event that turns into the conditioned stimulus could be anything so long as the organism can sense the event with any of the sensory modalities. Conditioned response (CR) – The CR is a response that requires a prior history of conditioning and it is very often in the same direction as the unconditioned response (UCR). Same direction as UCR means the following: o The type or nature of response o Example: salivation If the UCR is salivation and the CR is salivation, they are in the same direction the direction means the same or similar response
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Morphine effect : the situation is that the new CS’s are in the opposite direction (not there anymore). The effect is different depending on the presence of the original CS’s and new CS’s.
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