11-18-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes If you present the...

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Psychology 152 – Class Notes – 11/18/09 If you present the conditioned stimulus without pairing with the UCS (unconditioned stimuli) Events that function as conditioned stimuli (CS) are NOT permanent events can change its function both ways. The effects of a drug are not completely in a drug, but actually in the environment. KEY : Variables in the environment can modulate (change or alter) the effects of a drug. Example: Animals learned how to die - Pavlovian conditioning Psychofosomide – decreased immune function in the animals. The researchers accidentally trained the animsals immune system to stop functioning through Pavlovian conditioning. o This was a MAJOR find accidentally found Environment is not static AT ALL Now we know why some medications don’t work at certain times o Threshold – effective dose – can vary up and down (increase/decrease) Drugs don’t just do 1 thing The effects of a drug are Conditions for respondent conditioning Take a stimulus that the subject can discriminate in the environment o We are talking about only the visible range of light. o Sensory organs that detect changes in light o These are reflexive systems – these systems work without thinking about them. Unconditioned stimulus o Paired with potential Neutral stimulus – can be anything Produces an unconditioned response The neutral stimulus then becomes a conditioned stimulus over time and takes on the properties of the unconditioned stimulus After an accidental conditioning (respondent conditioning) occurs so that a subject becomes sick
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11-18-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes If you present the...

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