12-2-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes We are moving away...

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Psychology 152 – Class Notes – 12/2/09 We are moving away from respondent, operant conditioning and behavior that is heavily genetically controlled. Rule-governed behavior – an extension of operant conditioning If someone tells you HOW to do something, you can actually do it without ever having done it before. Behavior is in fact controlled by the three-part contingency – this is known as RULE- GOVERNED BEHAVIOR For example , you go to Florida over Spring Break: - Beware the Portuguese Man-of-Water o If you don’t go into the water, you won’t get stung o If you DO go into the water, get stung, you wont go in again – operant conditioning RULE-GOVERNED BEHAVIOR: 1. A rule is a description of a behavioral contingency. o A behavioral contingency – the three part contingency Antecedents, Behavior, and consequences Antecedents: o SD o MO o H Behavior o Operant o Response Consequences o SR o SP o Extinction (EXT) 2. Contingency-shaped behavior is what we do with the rat in the laboratory o Contingency shaping – exposing it DIRECTLY to the prevailing contingency o Rule-governed shaping –
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3. The shift from rule-governed behavior to contingency-shaped behavior may either be swift or problematic. o
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12-2-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes We are moving away...

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