12-8-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes Chapter#5 Perceiving...

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Psychology 152 – Class Notes – 12/8/09 Chapter #5 - Perceiving Perceiver or Receiver? If I see something that is not quite clear, then the probability of perceiving something as something else is high, given a particular history this alters perception Example: you are waiting for an important telephone call (job interview) o How many of ou have been waiting for a phone call and you hear a telephone ring and you go and pick up YOUR telephone call At that time, there was a HIGH motivator operator the person will hear or see something that isn’t there . Another example : o Girlfriend drives a red corvette o You generalize every red corvette to be your girlfriend’s corvette when waiting for her to arrive o Momentary increase in probability of generalization o The important thing is stimulus control The Stimulus Control of Operant Behavior The environment affects an organism after, as well as before, it responds Another important variable – motivator variable – very important If you have a very heavy motivator variable, people will report that an S-delta will look like the SD (the red sports car looks like the red corvette) MO alters stimulus control Stimulus control is the important thing to remember The organism affects To sitmulu and response we add consequence – three part contingency It does not elicit response it alters the probability of it happening Conditions Affecting What is Seen This is stimulus control – very important People are not metaphorical sponges You are not a spectator John Locke’s tabula rasa (blank slate) o This is used sometimes used when talkinga bout behavior position
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o This is NOT Skinner’s position o Tabula rasa, according to Skinner, is a misunderstanding It’s NOT a blank slate. There are somethings that are already there. Experience Versus Reality
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12-8-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes Chapter#5 Perceiving...

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