12-9-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes 12/9/09 Operant- class...

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Psychology 152 – Class Notes – 12/9/09 Operant - class of responses that are all maintained by the same consequent event and it can be defined in physical terms. Operant is what is actually said. Verbal behavior - deals with the performance of a speaker and the environmental conditions that establish and maintain that behavior Conventionally, language is used to understand communication between members of the human species. Language refers to the underlying metal rules that are presumed to guide written and spoken words. Language refers to innate rules of grammar. Conventional wisdom / mental events are a reflection of what we say. Someone says expletives as a result dirty mind. It's not. It's the behavior Language/ speech is behavior. We study language for its own sake it's interesting 2. When we use the terms “language" it tends to obscure the environmental-behavioral relations that exist. It obscures the 3 part contingency because language infers mental activity. The Focus on language usually directs attention toward unobservable mental representations and processes. "Language" focuses in mental activity. The attention is focused on the persona mind - these processes are NOT directly observable. 3. The range of verbal behavior is written, gestural, signed, and spoken. RANGE of verbal behavior - written signed gestural etc. Written
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12-9-09 - Psychology 152 Class Notes 12/9/09 Operant- class...

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