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About Behaviorism_3

About Behaviorism_3 - About Behaviorism B.F Skinner Chapter...

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About Behaviorism: B.F. Skinner Chapter 3- Innate Behavior This is like respondent (or Pavlovian or Classical) conditioning The human species, like all other species, is the product of natural selection o It usually involves the environment o Reflex : One kind of relation between behavior and stimulation this is really only a descriptive word - not an explanation Instincts as Driving Forces o Freudian instincts were also treated as driving forces o Although the observed fact was simply that behavior might have sustaining or destructive consequences o “contingencies of survival” experimentally because selection is a slow process o “selection pressure” is an example of contingencies of survival Preparation for new environments o Respondent conditioning Contingencies of reinforcement can be used to explain a conditioned reflex o Operant conditioning Operant conditioning : the process through which a person become able to deal effectively with a new environment
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