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Chapters 1-2 - Psychology 152 Skinner Book Chapters 1-2...

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Psychology 152 – Skinner Book Chapters 1-2 – 12/1/09 PLEASE MAKE AN OUTLINE FOR YOUR CHAPTER Obtain an outline from the other groups A lot of the questions on the final exam will come from the book. Skinner talked about things that we should be able to see, like brain activity, but the technology was not available yet. Darwin’s principles were based on natural selection The era was 1859 – when Darwin published his book – middle of 19 th century These people viewed the earth as a static environment in which things just happened, but the earth is not static – things are happening all the time. Organisms on this planet are inextricably related to the environment in which they live. They both suggested that the reason why the organisms are the way they are directly linked to the environment in which they live and evolve. This was disquieting at the time in the scientific community Darwinian evolution, Lamarckian evolution There is no unification in theoretical orientation in the world of psychology Skinner’s position is based on the basic principles of selectionism. He’s talking about the behavior as being a product of the environment. He is suggesting that the 3-part contingency operates across the board, but not the exact same for each animal or organism, but the same fundamental principle is the same. Selectionism can be taken to the n’th degree. We got the rat to press the lever through selective reinforcement Skinner was talking about something that is very different from the main stream view of psychology. There have been the dualists and the monists in behavior psychology dualism – there are two different universes, mind and body monists – there is only one universe, the body People will often perceive one event as causing the other when the first event comes right after the first event. Skinner is suggesting that thinking is not what it appears to be.
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The rat pressed the lever, but you can’t say the rat wasn’t thinking about pressing the water.
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Chapters 1-2 - Psychology 152 Skinner Book Chapters 1-2...

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