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Biology 330 – Class Notes- 9/17/09 LAB IS DUE MONDAY –> PICK UP YOUR LAB ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON (9/18/09) We expect to see more little trees than medium trees and more medium trees than big trees. We will determine the age by counting the rings Increment bore --> drills a hole that saves the plug - We can estimate the age of the tree by drilling a plug doesn’t hurt the tree Lab #3 – working with hemlock Graph: Age on X-axis vs. CBH on y-axis CBH = m*(Age) + intercept Where m = slope Intercept = y intercept Count the number in the 0-20 age category Any tree greater than 10 cm. is in the _____ age category DBH – diameter breast height CBH – circumference breast height Measure circumference of tree at its base Density independent growth table (population is growing exponentially): Nt = N0*e^(r*t) Assuming the population growth is constant for the next ___ period of time, we can make estimations about human populations in the SHORT TERM R0 = Sum(lx*bx) T = Sum(x*lx*bx) / Sum Density independent – constant age distribution – always a constant fraction And populations are assumed to be able to grow without limit How about a “ration” variable finite amount of resources In this case, population cannot be infinite Ration = per capita resource
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o If resources are falling, then each individual’s ability to reproduce, grow, etc first thing that will stop is reproduction Graph: N on the x-axis vs. dN/Ndt on y-axis There will be a point where dN/Ndt cross the x-axis that point is called the carrying capacity (k10) N(t+1) = Nt*e^[ (k-N)/k)*r ] HOW a population would grow with density dependent feedback MUCH MORE realistic for long-lived populations Limit cycle 1 N(t+1) = Nt*e^[ (k-N)/k)*r ]
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9-17-09 - Biology 330 Class Notes LAB IS DUE MONDAY > PICK...

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