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Nt = N0*e^(r*t) Two consequences: - stable age distribution - infinite growth More commonly used form: dN / Ndt = r*[ (k-N) / ] 1.) Vagaries of the environment 2.) Limit cycle - population does not have fine control over its size * Per capita output is fairly large * The population either overshoots carrying capacity and then collapses 3.) Time lags - if, in the face of abundant resources, sometime in the future the population will increase. The decision to reproduce was made sometime in the past when resources were abundant, NOT based on the resource level when the individual(s) are delivered to the population * This leads to overshooting carrying capacity again 4.) Predator/prey cycles --> increased predator population adds additional predation
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Unformatted text preview: pressure to the prey --> prey decreases --> predator decreases --> prey increases --> predator increases --> etc. COMBINATIONS OF THESE FACTORS are common! One or more of these factors work in concert ------------------------Use readings as background support Readings are just used for background support * You are getting the same concept but from a different perspective --> FOCUS ON THE IN-CLASS NOTES * You just should be able to use the readings as examples in demonstrating a concept He has office hours from 8am to 12pm We do not have a write-up due this week Wear your boots!...
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