11-3-09 - Biology 330 Class Notes 11/3/09 LABS: The only...

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Biology 330 – Class Notes – 11/3/09 LABS: The only calculations we have to make are the averages A disturbance could be any of the following: Logging Erosion Wind Farming Any disturbance that creates a space New colonists will arrive at the disturbed site Some of the early colonists go extinct because they cant compete with the new colonists Some of the existing species move out, new species move in This is an orderly process of community change Every community that develops results in a self-sustaining changing community o Rate of extinction of existing members slows down Example: If a plot of land has been cultivated (farmed) for a very long time what does this land look like? High light exposure Low nutrients o The farmer had to import nutrients in order to make the land productive High change in temperature from day to night High changes in moisture o After a rain its very soggy, wet o With no cover, it’s probably pretty dry Low organic matter o Humus, o Leaf litter Any colonist in this area will have these characteristics as part of their niche Well, what happens to an unattended garden? o GENERATION A: Weeds move in Annual weeds Crabgrass Ragweed Purslain These plants move-in quickly
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Produce lots and lots of seeds that can be dispersed through the air disperse many seeds through the air in the hopes that a few will germinate and grow o Characteristics of these plants: Lots of seeds Small seeds Wind dispersed What happens when these first colonists germinate and grow? Now that the bare soil is covered with green colonists, will that alter the light environment? o YES Moderating temperature, moisture, and availability of organic matter o With every wave of colonists change the environment characteristics o These colonists might even change the environment in such a way that the new colonists (the offspring) can no longer germinate and grow because the favorable characteristics are no longer present This is the process of SUCCESSION – Each new wave of colonists (each new generation) will alter the characteristics of the enivornment. These alterations might change the environment in such a way that the offspring of the current colonists won’t be able to survive as well (not as favorable). SUCCESSION
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11-3-09 - Biology 330 Class Notes 11/3/09 LABS: The only...

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