12-1-09 - Biology 330 Class Notes 12/1/09 (a) The...

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Biology 330 – Class Notes – 12/1/09 (a) The Phosphorus Cycle The arrows on the diagram of the phosphorus cycle are flux lines and represent transference of minerals and other materials between addresses (locations) within the ecosystem. Substance budget – tool for tracking materials into and out of a particular compartment. Need to know the rate of transfer into and out of the compartment to determine its size. Example: checking account Fluxes coming into the account Fluxes going out of the account We would like to determine forest productivity of White Mountains in New Hampshire Watershed is sharply defined Bedrock is granite (no massive groundwater flow) o Water that is in the stream is water that exists as run off from the size of the mountain IDEA : Major input into watershed – whatever was dissolved in water runoff Weather station We know the number of liters per day coming out of this watershed Discharge – measured in liters per day Measure calcium in in mg per liter Thus, we can measure the concentration of materials based on stream flow The quantity of stream flow is the actual discharge Energy budget for forested streams Forested streams – don’t receive a lot of sunlight – The streams that run through the forest – light starved – Well where does the energy come from that supports higher trophic levels like FISH? Very little photosynthesis generated from the stream This Figure 3. Simplified compartment model of energy flow in an idealized forest stream ecosystem. Stream compartment is comprised of: - Detritus - Producers - Consumers
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Organic carbon in a forested stream system – the mineral or resource of interest in this experiment Organic matter enters stream system: Some exits downstream Some is given off as respiration Allochtonoous – stuff that comes from outside of the stream itself Metrologic – falls to the forest canopy from outside of the forest ecosystem Caloric equivalent coming from different sources (NOT PHOTOSYNTHESIS. Autotrophic production is NOT important in the stream. Where does the energy come from that supports stream communities? – It doesn’t come from
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12-1-09 - Biology 330 Class Notes 12/1/09 (a) The...

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