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Chapter 4 Module Four o Sales Communication as a Process Types of Questions o Verbal Communication: Questioning Strategic Approach Control the flow and direction of conversation Uncover information o Types of Questions: Controlling Amount and Specificity of Information Ask open-ended questions Win7Guru's note: Beginning Ask close-ended questions Win7Guru's note: Closing Ask multiple-choice questions Win7Guru's note: Would you like option a or option b Strategic Purpose Probing Clarification request Please elaborate Ask for verification Evaluative Open and Closed-End questions to: Gain confirmation Reveal attitudes, opinions and preferences Tactical
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Unformatted text preview: Used to bring the buyer back and to redirect their focus Reactive Use previous information, in other words clarification Verbal Communication: Questioning Strategic Application of Questioning Create buyer involvement Provoke thinking Collect information Clarify and emphasize Be interested Gain confirmation Advance the sale Types of Questioning Refer to Slides 11-14 Listening Look at chart o SIER Hierarchy of Active Listening Sensing Interpreting Evaluating Responding o Verbal Communication Organize thoughts Paint a picture Win7Guru's note: WORD PICTURES Watch Grammar...
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