Microsoft PowerPoint - Introduction to Anthropology

Microsoft powerpoint introduction to anthropology

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Anthropology May 6th May Anth2430 What is Anthropology? What Anthropology means “ human study” Anthropology ► The study of humankind, in all times and The places places ► Seeks to produce useful generalizations Seeks about people and their behavior and arrive at the fullest possible understanding of human diversity (Haviland 1987) human ► Major concerns Major Anthropologists mostly deal with a single species Anthropologists Homo sapiens, its ancestors, and near relatives. Homo ► Human origin and diversity ( Biblical Mythology, Human Colonialism, European Trade) Colonialism, ► Otherness Otherness ► Started with “ Primitive People”, tribal societies, Started tribal now study Peasant society, third world countries, cities, and many more issues ► Subfields of Anthropology Subfields Anthropology Physical Anthropology Cultural Anthropology Archeology Physical Anthropology Physical The systematic study of humans as biological The organism organism ► Deal with Human evolution ► Human carry common ancestry with other Human primates- apes and monkey primates ► By analyzing fossils and observing living primates, By physical anthropologists try to understand how, when and why we became the kind of animal we are today ► Study present day human variation, not only race Study and co...
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