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And cultural anthropology cultural used to label

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Unformatted text preview: lor but also blood types and diseases and ► Cultural Anthropology Cultural Used to label : Study diversity of cultures, way of Used life, human customs, comparative study of cultures and societies cultures ► By studying prehistoric or non western societies, By cultural anthropologists point out that world does not divide into the pious and superstition not ► Questioning “we” and “they”, modern and Questioning and modern tradition, cultured and non cultured/primitive tradition, ► Cultural/ human differences and possibilities Cultural/ Archeology ► Traditionally, it has focused on the human past, material products of ts behavior rather than human behavior, are all that survive in the past. behavior Archeologists study tools, pottery, and other artifacts that are remain remain as the legacy of extinct cultures as By studying fire-cracked rocks, pottery, and tools, archeologists can cracked explain people’s food preparation, food processing, diet and explain food subsistence activities subsistence Historians depend on written records but archeologists can go far beyond beyond Archeologists also study contemporary material objects in urban Archeologists settings: “Garbage Project”- University of Arizona 1997 ► ► ► ► Branches in Cultural Anthropology Branches Cultural Anthropology Anthr...
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