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Brings and prefect birth control and in order to face

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Unformatted text preview: rease services per capita services ► But total production raises pollution that But brings an end to growth. brings And Prefect Birth Control And In order to face food crisis, perfect birth In control was introduced. control ► Food crisis is postponed for only a decade Food or two or ► As birth control is voluntary, population As continue to grow. continue ► Policy prevent just unwanted children ► Increased agriculture and Birth control control Over use of land caused erosion and food Over production production ► population rises, drops, and then raise population again dramatically again ► Further decrease in food production and a Further sudden rise in death rate sudden ► Technology prolonged the period of Technology population and industrial growth, but failed to work on over all growth to ► Real world Real In the collapse modes, real world will also In follow same like world system model follow ► Social variables: income distribution, Social attitudes about family size, choice among goods, se...
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