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Constrains unlimited resources and pollution control

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Unformatted text preview: ntrol. pollution ► Impossible for economic and technological Impossible constrains. constrains. ► Unlimited resources and pollution control control ► In In 1975, technological improvement is added in order to avoid the resource depletion and pollution problems of previous model. model. ► Assumption: one forth of pollution can be Assumption: reduced that generated from industrial and agricultural output. agricultural Result Result Population and Industry grow until the limit Population of arable land is reached. of ► Food per capita declines and industrial Food growth is also slowed as capital diverted to food production food ► Less capital is available for investment ► Decrease of food production causes Decrease population growth population ► Unlimited resources, pollution controls, and increased agricultural productivity increased ► Each Each unit of industrial production increase much less pollution much ► Increase in food, industrial output, and Inc...
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