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Quiz #1 ECH 3223, Fall 2009 Friday, September 4 Directions: Twenty-fve minutes. Closed book. No notes. No calculator needed. Maximize your score by showing all work. Good luck to you!! Compute expression for maximum power dissipation A silicon chip is encapsulated such that, under steady-state conditions, all oF the power it dissipates is transFerred by convection to a ±uid stream For which
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Unformatted text preview: h and T ∞ are known values. The chip is separated From the ±uid by an aluminum cover plate oF thickness L and conductivity k A . IF the chip surFace area is A , and the maximum allowable temperature at the interFace between the chip and aluminum cover plate is T max , what is the maximum allowable power dissipation in the chip?...
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