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quiz3_statement_F09 - Quiz#3 ECH 3223 Fall 2009 Friday...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz #3 ECH 3223, Fall 2009 Friday, October 2 Directions: • Twenty-five minutes. • Open book, though not required. • No notes. • Calculator needed. • Maximize your score by showing all work. • Good luck to you!! Temperature measurement by analyis of an extended surface A long rod within an oven having an air temperature of 400oC is pressed firmly onto the surface of a billet. Thermocouples imbedded in the rod at locations 25 and 100 mm from the billet register temperatures of 325 and 375o C, respectively. Estimate the temperature of the billet. You solved this problem analytically on the last quiz (though with slighly different numbers). Now, set-up the solution using a finite difference. As shown, use five nodes separated by equal distances of 25 mm. You should be able to generate three equations from which you can calculate the temperature of node 1 located at 0 mm, i.e. the temperature of the billet. ...
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