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HW3 Due: September 16, 2009 3.44. What are the Miller indices of the cubic cyrsyallographic planes shown in Fig. P3.44? 4.3 In the solidification of a pure metal, what are the two energies involved in the transformation? Write the equation for the total free-energy change involved in the transformation of liquid to produce a strain-free solid nucleus by homogeneous nucleation. A l so
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Unformatted text preview: homogeneous nucleation takes place. 4.8 Calculate the number of atoms in a critically sized nucleus for the homogeneous nucleation of pure platinum. 4.21 Calculate the radius of the largest interstitial void in the BCC α iron lattice. The atomic radius of the iron atom in this lattice is 0.124 nm, and the largest interstitial voids occur at the ( ¼ , ½ , 0); ( ½ , ¾ , 0); ( ¾ , ½ , 0); ( ½ , ¼ , 0), etc., type positions....
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