Alternative energy-Challenges related to transport processes

Alternative energy-Challenges related to transport...

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Imran Mandani December 2, 2009 “Alternative energy: Challenges related to transport processes” The current economy uses a relatively even split of energy. Transportation uses twenty-eight percent; the industry uses thirty-three percent and residents and commercial divert thirty-nine percent for consumption 1 . Currently in chemical manufacturing, energy is used in two major ways. Coal, oil and natural gases power machinery and petroleum and other natural gases run the chemical processes that make hydrocarbons for which chemicals are made 1 . However, the next step in energy consumption is to use alternative energy sources such as solar, hydrogen gas, etc. Solar energy conversion to electricity includes wind energy, which is an indirect solar energy source. The conversion systems comprise photovoltaic devices that directly transform solar energy into electricity and wind turbines that indirectly produce electricity. The electrical energy produced is used to operate osmosis units, electrodialysis, and mechanical vapor compression
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Unformatted text preview: distillation units. Electrical energy is also used to run auxiliary equipment, such as pumps, fans, and control devices, and to provide the site with electricity. Solar-driven desalination plants are unsteady-state systems. Solar energy can be stored as: sensible heat in water tanks, in phase change material, and in batteries as electrical energy to smooth operation during night and/or cloudy days. Some challenges related to transport processes in solar driven energy include the fact that it is an unsteady-state system. This is mainly caused by the environment factor. This unknown factor causes problems and unexpected events. Predicting the amount of energy that will be given in any output instance is unpredictable. In conclusion, there is a lack of exact mathematics expression for the unsteady-state process because of the differential item in the universal energy balance equation....
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