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Tentative Reading Guide ECH 3264 Fall 2009 1. Overview of Mathematical Topics a. Selected types of ordinary differential equations (pages 852, 853, 856, 857 * ) b. Vector analysis (pages 807-814, 819-822, 825-827) 2. Steady-State Energy Transport without Convection a. Thermal conductivity and Fourier’s law (pages 266-270) b. Temperature distributions determined by shell balances (pages 291, 292) c. Examples of multi-dimensional energy transport (pages 292-298, 303- 310) 3. Steady-State Momentum Transport a. Viscosity and Newton’s law (pages 11-21). Introduction to tensor analysis (pages 815-818, 821) b. Convective momentum transport (pages 34-37) c. Velocity distributions determined by shell balances (pages 41, 42)
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Unformatted text preview: d. Examples of multi-dimensional momentum transport (pages 42-58) e. General momentum and mass balances with examples (pages 77-80, 83-89, 97-98) f. Non-Newtonian fluids (pages 240-243) 4. Steady-State Mass Transport a. Diffusivity and Fick’s first law (pages 514-519) b. Transport by convection (pages 533-537) c. Concentration distributions determined by shell balances (pages 543-545) d. Examples of mass transport (pages 545-560) e. Fick’s second law (p. 585) 5. Introduction to Unsteady Energy and Momentum Transport (pages 114-121, 374-378) 6. Heat conduction with a viscous heat source (pages 283-286, 298-300) * here and later pages in the textbook...
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