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CHM4411 Sample EXAM #1 Problems Proposed solutions Problem #1 i) Indicate (T/F) whether each statement below is True or False __ T __ Compression of a gas adiabatically always raises the temperature of the gas. __ F __ The compressibility factor, Z, of a van der Waals gas can never be less than 3/8. __ T __ If an ideal gas is heated, the change in Enthalpy of the gas is greater than the change in its Energy. __ F __ Reversible processes are always faster than irreversible ones. __ T __ The isochoric cooling of any system results in an increase in its Helmholtz energy. ii) State the single condition necessary for a substance to be considered thermodynamically ideal. U=U(T) only , i.e. for any x iii) A substance melts at 500.0K. The heat it takes to melt the substance at that temperature is 15.00 kJ/mole. What is the entropy of fusion (melting) of the substance at that temperature, in J/K . mole? S fusion = ______ 30 ____________ J/K . mole Problem #2 Consider the following changes in state for exactly one mole of an ideal gas with a molar constant-volume heat capacity, C V /n, of (5/2)R. Calculate W, Q,
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answers1 - CHM4411 Sample EXAM #1 Problems Proposed...

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