PCHEM3 - Name ELS username CHM4411 EXAM#3 Distributed...

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Name____________________________________ ELS username ______________________ CHM4411 EXAM #3 Distributed 11/24/09 Instructions: Read the entire exam and put your name/username on all pages. Answer the following 6 problems on 5 pages, for a total of 150 points, in the context of the notation and conventions of our lectures. You may consult <10 kg of your own notes and texbooks; sharing is of any material is not allowed. You may use any portable computation device that is not in any way networked . Report all numerical results to at least three significant figures (unless otherwise specified in the problem) for credit. Please work alone. R=8.31447 J/(K mol) = 0.0820574 (L atm) / (K mol) Your name on this exam states the assertion: I hereby pledge that I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid during this exam Problem #1 Write the First Law of Thermodynamics in terms of the populations and energies of the molecules in the ensemble(system). Δ E = ε i dn i + n i d ε i Problem #2 Consider, in the context of Statistical Thermodynamics, Krypton gas at STP (273.15K and 1.000 atm). The Atomic Weight of Kr is 83.798 g/mol. i)
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This note was uploaded on 01/08/2010 for the course CHM 4411 taught by Professor Ohrn during the Fall '08 term at University of Florida.

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PCHEM3 - Name ELS username CHM4411 EXAM#3 Distributed...

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