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Introduction This paper provides an overall description of my experience of working with Team Otter. This team was formed for a group project for a course at School of Information SI – 501. Aim of the project was to analyze the client’s working process and make recommendation on the basis of our insights. Our Client for this project was a staffing company named Otterbase. First I will discuss about the original project scope and project plan created by our team. I will talk about the reasons of slight deviations in the project plan and how we handled them. Then I will discuss about the team’s relations with client and what factors contributed to the positive relations with our client. At the end I will talk about how the communication covenant was helpful for our team and a reflection on our team’s strength and weaknesses, outlining my experiences of working on this project and in Team Otter. Project Plan After getting a late initial Kick off meeting we were able to maintain our pace with our original project plan. Initial Kick off meeting got late because of no response from our client but after we had our kick off meeting our client was helpful in giving us interview dates. They introduced us to all the staff members and we had the privilege to directly contact our interviewees. We faced a little difficulty in scheduling interviews with Grand Rapids office recruiters as they were not responding to any of our emails and that tipped off our team from the original team plan. But I as a client contact contacted the president of Otterbase who was very helping right from our kickoff meeting. The President helped us in setting up a contact with Grand Rapids office and that helped a lot in bringing us back to our schedule and finishing up all the interviews on time. Interpretation sessions were held within 24-48 hours of interview and as our team had a very good understanding we always finished up all the sessions on the scheduled time. We had an elongated working sessions during the submission of team’s consolidated model. But due to the right division of work and team’s understanding of stretching for long hours we were able to complete our submission well on time. We distributed our work well understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. We identified two members as good editors and writers so they were working on write up and in the meantime two of us working on making the team consolidated model. We had to have several sessions for preparing individual models and we had to schedule meetings other than our regular meeting time. This was the hardest to schedule because of the busy schedule of each of the team members. But the team members were understanding and their cooperation helped us find slots and were able to do a lot of work in those quick meeting sessions. For affinity wall we had two working sessions of around 4 hours each which were very
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A9_Reflection_Paper - Introduction This paper provides an...

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