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women culture society pg5 - whom alcohol consumption...

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Julie Mostov “’Our Women’/’Their Women’: Symbolic Boundaries, Territorial Markers, and Violence in the Balkans” How, according to Mostov, nationalism and treatment of women are interrelated? How rape is being employed as a weapon in during the war? What are some of the ways in which wars impact women’s lives? Peggy Reeves Sand “Rape-Prone Versus Rape-Free Campus Cultures” What is the difference between rape prone and rape free societies? Why many college students and women in general do not report the instances of dometic and sexual violence to the police? What is the context of the sexual violence on university campuses (how many women, where, by
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Unformatted text preview: whom, alcohol consumption) Rosalind Patchesky “ Beyond Women’s Right to Choose; Feminist Ideas About Reproductive Rights ” What are to ways of arguing for women as being the major decision makers in th area of reproduction? Why defending women’s “rights” is not always the best way of securing women’s reproductive freedom? What are some of the arguments of the opponents of the right to legal abortion? Other questions/concepts: What is gender? What is sex? How many sex/genders are there?...
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women culture society pg5 - whom alcohol consumption...

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