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United States. In addition, the Court ruled that the state could intervene in the second trimester and could ban abortions in the third trimester. Griswold v CT (1965)- right to use contraceptives. Women against ERA-right wing activist Phyllis Schlafy and working class women. Bowers v. Hardwick- (1986)-tested the unconstitutionality of sodomy laws that criminalized anal and oral sex in private between consenting adults in Georgia in heterosexual or homosexual relations. In August 1982, cops entered Hardwick’s apartment because he threw out a beer bottle in a trash can outside the gay bar in which he worked. Police officer Torick marked out the court date of Tuesday and wrote Wednesday. When he didn’t show up Tuesday, a warrant was sent out for his arrest but Hardwick was not home when Torick came to his apartment. When Hardwick
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Unformatted text preview: realized Torick had been in the apartment, he immediately paid the ticket. The clerk told Hardwick that it was impossible for Torick to be at his apartment that day because it takes 48 hours to issue a warrant. Torick once again came to serve the warrant (then recalled) several weeks later. Officer Torick was invited in the apartment by an overnight guest and he noticed Hardwicks bedroom slightly open. He walked in on Hardwick and his male companion engaging in consensual, oral sex. Both of the men were arrested for sodomy. Hardwick sued Michael Bowers (attorney general of Georgia) in federal court for a declaration the states sodomy law was invalid. American Civil Liberties union represented Hardwick and was eventually found that Georgias sodomy law was infringement upon Hardwicks constitutional rights....
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