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Richard Nixon won election in 1968 due to the death of Robert Kennedy and his promises of law and order. 49% of Americans thought military involvement in the South Vietnam was a mistake. Richard M. Nixon- Republican, won election of 1968. He served as President from 1969-1974 during final years of Vietnam War. He resigned from office when he faced impeachment for the Watergate Scandals. He didn’t trust anyone. Psycho historians see Nixon as a madman. Foreign policy was his top priority. Henry Kissinger was his national security advisor. During his presidency, there was a new era of Cold War Policies. Nixon and Kissinger saw the Cold War as a traditional great power rivalry. The policy of détente was created to relax tensions between the 2 superpowers, the Soviet Union and the United States. ‘bipolarity to multilateral relations.’ “China Card”-the importance of China
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Unformatted text preview: 1972: Nixon’s tour of China. 1972: Strategic Arms Limitation Talks with Soviet Union. Soviet Union- arm restrictions act agreed with U.S. Early 1970s: shuttle diplomacy, Kissinger tried to make peace in the Middle East 1973: Yom Kippur War between Egypt and Israel-> little peace Fiscal liberalism: deficit spending, off the gold standards, 90 day freeze Watergate scandal of 1973 was his downfall. He resigned in 1974. Environmental Protection Agency in 1970. Henry Kissinger- He was Nixon’s national security advisor. He supported Vietnamization with Nixon. During the Vietnam War, Nixon and Kissinger accelerated both the ground and air wars by launching new offensives in South Vietnam and by approving a military incursion into Cambodia, a neutral country. Kissinger played a dominant role in United States foreign policy...
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