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Development of US History II final review pg 4

Development of US History II final review pg 4 - Operation...

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Operation Rolling Thunder, which was code name for bombing North Vietnam. More troops were sent to Vietnam and there were search and destroy missions. There was also chemical warfare, which authorized the use of napalm. U.S. used napalm in Vietnam which was a toxic chemical contained in bombs and allowed the Air Force to bomb new targets. My Lai in 1968 was led by Lieutenant William Calley and he killed over 200 people which resulted in his sentence of life imprisonment but he was later pardoned by Nixon. There were critics at home because of media coverage on television, “living room war.” Hawks were supporters and doves were the opponents of the war. Taxes and inflation increased. Nixon-“peace with honor” He advocated policy of Vietnamization which was withdrawal of U.S. troops (95k by Spring). There were protests occurring in the U.S. such as in Kent State University, Ohio which 4 were killed and 9 were wounded. In 1973, there was a peace agreement in Hanoi. In 1975, Saigon, capital of South Vietnam fell, which marked the end of the Vietnam War.
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