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argued it was reverse discrimination. One ethnic group would receive admission to jobs or educational institutions despite having lower scores on admission exams. Courts tended to strike down as unconstitutional affirmative action plans that contained inflexible quotas and to uphold less rigid ones that made ethnicity only one of the several criteria for hiring/educational decisions. 1996- California passed Proposition 209, which aimed at ending most affirmative action measures in CA by abolishing racial/gender preference in state hiring, contracting, and college admissions. It emphasized income/high school ranking rather than race. Vietnam War- It was a conflict that lasted from 1946-1975, with direct U.S. military involvement from 1964-1973. Highly controversial, the war devastated the Vietnam countryside, spilled into all of Indochina, and ended up in victory for communist North Vietnam, which then united the country under its rule. In 1858, Vietnam was a French conquest. Traditional orders
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