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Development of US History II final review pg 2

Development of US History II final review pg 2 - Freedom...

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Freedom Summer Project - Coalition of civil rights groups enlisted young volunteers for voter registration campaign in Mississippi. There were white recruiters and were responsible for a black voter registration drive. In Mississippi, there were SNCC and Core volunteers. The summer of 1964 still had violence going on. Six civil rights workers were murdered. The 1964 Democratic convention voted to seat Mississippi’s regular all white delegated instead of members of the racially diverse group, The Freedom Democratic Party, which had 60,000 members. There were tensions with the project due to race and gender disparity. They had successes which included freedom schools. There was a move toward the militancy of Malcom X. They won sympathy from Northern Liberals. Johnson’s War on Poverty - Johnson proposed his legislation on poverty due to the national poverty rate of 19%. Congress passed the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 which created the Office of Economic Opportunity.
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