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Dev of US History II pg 4

Dev of US History II pg 4 - World War I After Wilson...

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World War I- After Wilson entered the war, United States had to devote much of its agricultural, industrial, transportation, and population resources in order to help the Allies win. Wilson created federal agencies that was in charge of supervising in its assigned economy sector. The economy boomed during this war production. The Food Administration increased the production of basic foodstuffs substantially through economic incentives. They delivered food to millions of troops and European civilians. U.S. railroad Administration shifted the rail system from private to public control which expedited goods to eastern ports and then sent to Europe. U.S. economy supplies everything but sophisticated weapons to the troops. Bernard Baruch of the War Industries Board allowed industrialists to charge high prices for their goods. Industrialists thought it was too lucrative to deny and so war production increased substantially. War strengthened the market powers of workers because they were sent war orders from Europe which
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