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Gilded Age- Cities grew at a rapid pace in the late 1880s and 1890s. Americans no longer walked and took advantage of streetcars. Ten million immigrants came to the United States which is known as the new immigration. The working class became the new middle class, including the Irish and the Jewish immigrants. The new middle class consisted of managers, technicians, and engineers. Outdoor activities were enjoyed. The High Wheeler bicycle was invented in 1870 and the safety bicycle in 1887. New middle class visited parks and baseball became popular. They also enjoyed plays, and electric lights were used in shows. Department stores and catalogs made a substantial impact on the new middle class. The first department store was Wannamaker, in Philadelphia, in 1876. Macys was established in New York City in the late 19 th century. Department stores brought various goods under one roof and goods were sold cheaply due to the fact profit was attained by high volume sales. Mail order companies emerged
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