Ch 11 The Basic Principles of Heredity pg 4

Ch 11 The Basic Principles of Heredity pg 4 - gametes b....

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A. Homozygous- two alleles carried are identical in locus a. BB is homozygous for black + bb is homozygous for brown B. Heterozygous- two different alleles in locus a. F1 generation= Bb. Brown allele is homozygous. C. F1 GENERATION- female BB=two alleles separate & male bb= two alleles separate [Mendel’s principle of segregation] The fertilization of a B egg by a b sperm results in Bb offspring. SO, all F1 offspring are Bb. D. Punnett square predicts ratios, possible combinations of sperm and egg at fertilization a. Meiosis- heterozygous Bb= chromosome B allele separates from homologue [chromosome containing b allele] so each normal sperm or egg contains B or b but not both= fertilization random because there’s no special attraction among the
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Unformatted text preview: gametes b. Punnett square- each parent (Bb) on each side, and the squares result in F2 generation. BB+ bb= 3:1 [punnett square] RATIOS CALLED 3:1 monohybrid F2 phenotypic ratios. B b B BB Bb B Bb bb E. Phenotype of an individual does not always reveal its genotype = can be heterozygous, homozygous a. Genetic constitution, expressed by symbols, is its genotype i. Ex. BB= genotype: homozygous dominant, phenotype black ii. Ex. Bb= genotype: homozygous recessive, phenotype brown iii. Ex. F1 offspring= genotype: heterozygous Bb, phenotype: black F. A test cross can detect heterozygosity...
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Ch 11 The Basic Principles of Heredity pg 4 - gametes b....

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