Communication - Communication makes the world go round. On...

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Communication makes the world go round. On a smaller level, communication, or being able to communicate effectively, is what gets you through each day, in both your career and personal life. No matter what your age, background or experience, communicating effectively is something that every person can achieve. It requires self-confidence , good articulation and knowledge of how communication can be made more effective. Choose the right moment and the right place. If you need to discuss something in private with a person, make sure that the choice of venue is private and that you do not feel uncomfortable about the possibility of being overheard. On the other hand, if you need to make your point before a group of people, ensure that the location is somewhere that your discussion will be audible to all who are present to ensure that you engage each and every person in the group. Organize and clarify ideas in your mind before you attempt to communicate them. If you are feeling passionate about a topic, you may become garbled if you haven't already thought of some key points to stick with. A good rule-of-thumb is to choose three main points and keep your communication focused on those. That way, if the topic wanders off course, you will be able to return to one or more of these three key points without feeling flustered. Stay on-topic. Make sure all facts, stories, allusions, etc, add to the conversation/debate. Again, refer to the three key points. If you have already thought through the issues and the essence of the ideas that you wish to put across to others, it is likely that some pertinent phrases will stick in your mind. Do not be afraid to use these to underline your points - even very confident and well-known speakers re-use their key lines again and again for major effect. 1. 4 Be clear about the purpose of the communication. For example, your purpose could be to inform others, to obtain information or to initiate action. You need to know this in advance. Articulate. Articulate talk is talk that gets remembered because people instantly understand what it is that you are saying. To be most effective at articulating your message, there are some key considerations o Do not mumble. Sound out the words clearly and openly, with the intent to have
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Communication - Communication makes the world go round. On...

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