6. Amperesoln - o enclosed B dl I = Do the integaration 2 2...

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PHYS 221 General Physics II - Calculus Supplement Grist Homework Solution “Ampere’s Law” Problem: A long straight wire has a circular cross section of radius R. If the current is uniformly distributed over the volume of the wire, what is the magnetic field at a distance r<R (inside the wire). Solution: oe n c l o s e d
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Unformatted text preview: o enclosed B dl I = Do the integaration 2 2 r o enclosed B dl B r I = = Now the current in uniform over the entire area of the wire, so the enclosed current is simply the total current times the ratio of the enclosed area to the total area 2 2 enclosed o r I I R = So this gives us 2 2 o r B I R =...
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