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1 ACCT2331: Internet Financial Statement Analysis Ratio Project November 2009 The goal of this assignment is for you to experience finding out relevant accounting and other information about a corporation as if you were an investor. You will find out that it is relatively easy to look up information about any publicly traded company on line. Instructions: Follow the directions for each question below to look up the answers to the questions on the worksheet. 1 Write the appropriate response in the spaces provided on the worksheet. Then STARTING November 23 use the worksheet to answer the multiple choice questions on BLACKBOARD VISTA ON LINE ASSESSMENT. The worksheet is for you to look up your answers and write them down so that you can answer the multiple choice questions without guessing. To receive credit you must complete the BLACKBOARD VISTA ON LINE ASSESSMENT on or before December 7. Your score will be based on 1/2 point for each correct answer out of 20. THE ON LINE ASSESSMENT WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLY BETWEEN NOVEMBER 23 AND DECEMBER 7. 1 Please be sure to look up the answers and fill out the worksheet before doing the online assessment. If you just guess you will probably end up with a low score.
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2 Project Worksheet The following assignment is designed to introduce you to some of the FREE financial information that is available on the web. This can be especially useful for personal investing decisions. We focus on a single site, Yahoo! Finance. There are, however, various other good sites. 2 We encourage you to explore these web sites on your own. Use the glossary of terms for any items that are new to you. For the purposes of this exercise, we will be examining Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and in the second part of the project comparing it to Target Corp. First Part of the Project First, go to the following web site: Type “WMT" in the box next to “get quotes". Then click on “Get Quotes". This will take you to a page of basic information about Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s stock. It will show you the current price and the volume of trading. There are several links to other information about Wal-Mart in the left column of the page you will find the links menu. From this menu, you will click on the following links to obtain the necessary information: (NOTE: The
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Course Project - ACCT2331 Internet Financial Statement...

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