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ch12pearls - 7 Learning how and when to pause is a major...

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Pearls Chapter 12 Chapter 12 1. Certain speeches must be delivered word for word, according to a meticulously prepared manuscript. 2. An impromptu speech is delivered with little or no immediate preparation. 3. Unlike an impromptu speech, which is totally off-the-cuff, an extemporaneous speech is carefully prepared and practiced in advance. 4. Be sure to adjust your voice to the acoustics of the room 5. In speech, pitch can affect the meaning of words or sounds. 6. There is no uniform rate for effective speechmaking.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Learning how and when to pause is a major challenge for most beginning speakers. 8. Sloppy articulation is the failure to form particular speech sounds crisply and distinctly. 9. Yet by manipulating the eyeball and the areas of the face around it – especially the upper eyelids and the eyebrows—we are able to convey an intricate array of non-verbal messages. 10. Be ready and prepared to answer questions on your topic....
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