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Assignment 2

Assignment 2 - pname color Catalog(sid pid cost Write the...

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CS4320 Fall 2009: Assignment 2 This assignment is due via CMS on October 16, 23:59pm. This assignment counts for a total of 100 points. Question 1 (10 points). Compare main memory versus the level 2 cache of a modern processor in terms of: (1) access time, (2) size, and (3) cost per MB. (10 points). Question 1 (20 points). Exercise 11.2 in the book, sub-questions 3-6 (5 points each) Question 2 (20 points). Exercise 13.2 in the book, sub-questions 1-4 (5 points each) Question 3 (30 points). Consider the following schema; the keys are underlined: Suppliers (sid , sname, address); Parts (pid
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Unformatted text preview: , pname, color); Catalog (sid, pid , cost). Write the following queries in SQL : 1. Find the snames of suppliers that supply only parts that cost less than $200. (10 points) 2. Find the pids of parts that are supplied by every supplier who lives in “Ithaca” and that are supplied by every supplier who lives in “Cortland” (10 points) 3. For every supplier that only supplies green parts, print the name of the supplier and the total number of parts that she supplies. (10 points) Question 4 (20 points). Exercise 14.4 in the book, sub-questions 2-5 (5 points each)...
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