1812OL - The War of 1812 Thomas Jefferson Foreign Affairs...

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1 The War of 1812 Thomas Jefferson - Foreign Affairs The Barbary War – (1801 – 1805) 1. Jeff sent naval force to Med. Sea to break N. African Muslim rulers practice of exacting tribute from Western merchant ships 2. War until 1805, no decisive settlement. The Napoleonic Wars 1. 2. Both tried to prevent each other from trading with US 3. US ships seized by both sides 4. US sailors impressed into British navy The Chesapeake-Leopard Affair (1807) 1. British Ship HMS Leopard stopped the USS Chesapeake off coast of Chesapeake Bay 2. Four alleged Brits deserters were taken off the ship. 3. Public outcry against Brits, Jeff hard to remain neutral The Embargo of 1807 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Election of 1808 1. 2. 3. Interim Election of 1810 – The Rise of the “War Hawks” 1. In 1810 Interim elections bright young men in early 30s elected to Congress 2. Mostly from western states 3. John C. Calhoun of SC 4. Felix Grundy of TN 5. Henry Clay of KT (SOH) War Hawks’ Issues 1. 2. 3.
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2 1. White Settlers attitude: a. “Is one of the fairest portions of the globe to remain in a state of nature, the haunt of a few wretched savages, when it seems destined, by the Creator, to give support to a large population, and to be the seat of civilization, of science, and of true religion?” - General William Henry Harrison (future president) 2. In 1809, Harrison had invited elderly Indian chiefs to Fort Wayne, Indiana. 3. He got them drunk 4. Persuaded them to sign away 3 million acres of tribal land. 5. Jeff told Harrison about assimilating Indians into white culture making them farmers not hunters 6. But, if any were “foolhardy enough to take up the hatchet” they should be driven across the Mississippi. 7.
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1812OL - The War of 1812 Thomas Jefferson Foreign Affairs...

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