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AP Review – The Cold War to the Present Harry S Truman (D: 1945 – 1952) 1. Foreign Policy a. Cold War a. Economy dependent upon exports – metals a. a. Communism Spreads a. Truman Doctrine 1947 a. Marshall Plan a. NATO 1949 a. Berlin Blockade a. National Security Council – foreign advisors working for the president a. CIA a. Cultural Revolution a. Red Scare i. Alger Hiss i. Joseph McCarthy i. blacklists 1. Domestic Policy – The Fair Deal a. 1946 – inflation at 20% (post war spending) a. new conservatism a. President’s Committee on Civil Rights a. Taft-Hartley Act i. prohibited “closed shops” ii. Passed over Veto Korean War (1950 – 1953) 1. NK invade SK 2. UN orders invasion won’t stand 3. Douglas McArthur 4. Chinese Involvement 5. 38 th Parallel Dwight D. Eisenhower (R: 1953 – 1960) 1. Dems held White House for 22 years 2. New Conservatism 3. Age of Conformity – Homogeneity 4. Suburbia 5. 6. Foreign Policy a. John Foster Dulles – S of St. i. Containment = liberation ii. “massive retaliation” = deterrence iii. brinksmanship – allow escalation to near war iv. Domino Theory
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b. Nikita Khrushchev 1953 c. Soviets crush uprisings d. H-Bomb e. Sputnik f. NASA g. h. i. Military-Industrial Complex 7. Domestic Policy a. Balance Budget – 3 for 8 b. Cut fed spending c. Ease regulation of big business d. Interstate Highway System e. Social Issues i. Termination – end reservation system ii. Civil Rights Movement iii. Brown v. Board of Ed of Topeka 1954 1. overturned “Separate but Equal” 2. argued by Thurgood Marshall 3. 9 – 0 decision 4. “separate educational facilities are inherently unequal” iv. Little Rock 1957 1. Gov of AK called National Guard to prevent desegregation
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APReview1945to2000 - AP Review The Cold War to the Present...

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