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1 US History AP Review Test 4 The Bonds of Empire, 1660 - 1750 1. According to George Whitefield, [A] the Anglican clergy had abandoned Calvinist doctrine in favor of reason. [B] slaves had souls. [C] members of congregations were as good as, if not better than, their ministers. [D] wives should question their husbands’ piety. [E] all of these. 2. After 1660, the English [A] outlawed royal ownership of overseas colonies. [B] began a new wave of colony building. [C] abandoned Canada to the French. [D] turned inward to reform their own society rather than establish new societies across the seas. [E] embarked on an era of free trade by repealing most parliamentary acts dealing with overseas commerce. 3. The only British colony on the North American mainland to have a black majority in the eighteenth century was [A] South Carolina. [B] Delaware. [C] Virginia. [D] Maryland. [E] Georgia. 4. Which of the following is one of the reasons that the cultivation of rice changed South Carolina society dramatically? [A] The price of rice had risen dramatically, making rice farmers fabulously wealthy. [B] The discovery of a profitable crop meant that there would be more work for thousands of indentured servants. [C] Rice cultivation required the use of slaves. [D] Vast areas of the interior were opened up to rice cultivation. [E] Because rice could be grown on small farms, with minimal capital investment, South Carolina became a society of small farmers. 5. King George’s War and the French and Indian Wars resulted in all of the following except: [A] planting seeds of misunderstanding, suspicion, and hostility between the British and Anglo-Americans. [B] expulsion of Spain from North America. [C] expulsion of France from North America. [D] a fusing of bonds between the British and Anglo-Americans. [E] All of these were results of the wars. 6. Which of the following European wars is correctly matched with its American name? [A] War of the League of Augsburg: George Whitefield’s War [B] War of the Spanish Succession: French and Indian Wars [C] War of the Austrian Succession: King George’s War [D] Seven Years’ War: Queen Anne’s War [E] none of these
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2 7. As a result of King George’s War, [A] the English captured and then returned the French fort on the northern tip of Nova Scotia, guarding the entrance to the St. Lawrence River. [B] four thousand New Englanders were killed in a futile assault on the French bastion of Louisbourg. [C] France was established as the dominant power in North America. [D] the French were expelled from North America. [E] Spain surrendered Florida to England, and France took control of Louisbourg. 8. The treatment of the Tuscarora and Yamasee Indians in North Carolina during the early eighteenth century demonstrated that [A] Native American resistance would not significantly hinder white expansion in the Carolinas. [B] English settlers should have been able to use Native Americans instead of black slaves for rice and tobacco
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4ReviewTest - US History AP Review Test 4 The Bonds of...

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