Chapter 13 - Note Takng

Chapter 13 - Note Takng - C The Election of 1844 1 James K...

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Chapter 13: Immigration, Expansion, and Sectional Conflict 1840-1848 I. Newcomers and Natives A. Expectations and Realities 1. Patterns of Immigration B. The Germans C. The Irish D. Anti-Catholicism, Nativism, and Labor Protest 1. “Know-Nothings” 2. Nativism 3. Commonwealth v. Hunt E. Immigrant Politics II. The West and Beyond A. The Far West B. Far Western Trade C. The American Settlement of Texas to 1835 1. How did the Mexican government encourage American colonization of Texas? 2. Instability of Mexican politics D. The Texas Revolution, 1836 1. Santa Anna, Davy Crockett, the Alamo and Sam Houston E. American Settlements in California, New Mexico and Oregon F. The Overland Trails 1. The Donner party III. The Politics of Expansion 1840-1846 A. The Whig Ascendancy 1. Election of 1840—William Henry Harrison/John Tyler B. Tyler and the Annexation of Texas
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Unformatted text preview: C. The Election of 1844 1. James K. Polk “Dark Horse” D. Manifest Destiny, 1845 1. John L. O’Sullivan 2. Expansionists—characteristics E. Polk and Oregon 1. Polk’s objectives 2. 54 40 III. The Mexican-American War and Its Aftermath A. The Origins of the Mexican-American War 1. Border Dispute 2. Zachary Taylor 3. Declaration of war? 4. How did Polk triumph over his opposition? B. The Mexican-American War 1 “Old Rough and Ready” 2 Winfield Scott 3 “Bear Flag Republic” 4 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo C. The War’s Effects on Sectional Conflict D. The Wilmot Proviso 1. Issues raised by the proviso E. The Election of 1848 1. Candidates 2. Lewis Cass 3. Free-Soil Party F. The California Gold Rush...
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